Mens Sexual Health

Why Men’s Sexual Health Issues are Important

When it comes to health concerns, men are often the last ones to admit that something is wrong and that they may need to see a doctor. Some of the biggest killers of men, like cancer and heart attacks, do not always have symptoms that lead up to a big event that signals help is needed. Instead, men are often caught unaware when something huge happens with their health. You can help by getting your partner or husband in for proper checkups, and you can also let them know that problems with mens sexual health often signals other health problems as well.

If your husband or partner can not perform, or is acting as if he has no interest in sex, there could be a problem. He may be acting as if he is not interested because suddenly things are not working for him in the way that he is accustomed to. Men have to learn that men’s sexual health is nothing to be ashamed of, and sudden problems do not mean that he is any less of a man. Rather, it indicates that there may be a huge health issues forming of which he should be very concerned. If you notice any changes, don’t press him about them, but do what you can to urge him to see a doctor for a check up.

Over time, male levels of testosterone fall slightly, making them less likely to want to have sex all of the time like they did when they were in their twenties. Life takes over, especially when they have demanding (stressful) jobs and kids in the house, which means they can simply be too tired to have sex as often as they would like. However, a man that suddenly drops off his activity to almost nothing may be hiding a problem from you. The sudden inability to get an erection or suddenly and completely losing interest in sex usually indicates a man’s sexual health problem that needs immediate attention.

Men and women tend to think of sex as a sport or a way to bond with people of interest when they are younger, but as you age and have been with someone for a while, sex truly becomes a way to express closeness with your long term partner. Some young people understand the importance of sex, but they rarely give it the reverence it deserves, other than it is something fun to do that feels good. Older men understand that sex is a way to be close when everything else keeps you from having time with your spouse. If they suddenly can’t do that because of men’s sexual health issues, they may feel they are failing. However, it could be more that their bodies are failing and they need to see a doctor as soon as they can.

It can be hard to get a man to go to a doctor with questions about men sexual health. There are two types of men and you have to decide which one you have. One will allow his wife to go with him so that he does not feel so alone when talking about a topic that is so very personal. The other type would be mortified if his wife were there to hear. Do your best, no matter which type of man you have, to get them to see a doctor one way or another. Dysfunction may be just an aging issue, but getting it checked out can save his life.

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