Caring for your 30’s skin and mistakes should be avoided

Age 30 is when you get used to wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin, and the loss of smooth and light skin of the twenties. Besides changes in the structure of the skin, hormones will also have changes. Lack of proper care or maintenance of simple skin care habits such as the age of 20 to be Naturally Pretty, you will see the rapid decline of the skin.

1. Not understand the skin
This is the most common cause of skin failure in the right age 30. Skin when you are in the twenties is very easy to recover and adapt to the environment as well as different types of cosmetics. But 30 year old skin is not so. Not knowing what your skin type is, what is the best and most appropriate way to cure skin problems? Look carefully at your skin to select the best skin care products and steps.
2. Change skin care products continuously
At age 30, skin cells are not easy to regenerate, collagen production is slower at age 20. So you try all of this product to another invisible skin will cause you to lose the cell. Collagen collagen smoothes the skin. Be loyal to a line that fits your skin type.
3. Do not use sunscreen daily
Your skin is sensitive to UV rays, so using sunscreen is essential. Sunscreen is the best ” skin cream ” to keep your skin young and bright white. Apply sunscreen to any part of the body that is capable of direct sun exposure, especially on the face, neck and chest before going to the sun for 30 minutes.
4. However, sunblock is not the only skin protection product
Antioxidant care products are essential for the skin every day. These types of products will increase the effectiveness of sunscreen, as well as protect the skin against environmental threats that directly affect the skin aging process.
5. Does not moisturize the skin
At age 30, your skin will gradually lose its natural moisture and become more dry. This is what causes 30-year-olds to appear with tiny wrinkles in their eyes. So daily skin moisturizing is one of the most important skin care steps.
The use of moisturizer should not be limited to one season. This is something that needs to be done year-round.
6.Use acne products throughout the face
Acne is also one of the common skin problems in the age of 30, which is a sign of hormonal and hormonal changes. You can use the acne products you used before. However, acne products usually dry the skin, causing wrinkles. You should apply at the top of the acne, not all areas of the skin, the area is not necessary.
7. Do not use Vitamin tablets
Vitamins A, C, and E will limit collagen loss, while enhancing the protection of the skin’s outer membrane.
8. Do not use eye cream
Dark circles are the sign of dullness of the skin, and “age-old” tips. Choose a suitable eye cream and use it daily.
9. Skip basic care steps
Do not remove before going to bed, do not often take care of the skin in the morning will be the beginning of the “aging” gradually. Use gentle cleanser to prevent breakage of the outer skin protective layer. At the same time build yourself a proper “skin care” schedule.

Wash your face in the morning and evening for a natural skin, use sunscreen before you go out and use moisturizers containing retinol, night creams are the most basic 30-day skin care steps to Prevent external factors from damaging the skin during the day as well as “healing” the skin at night. Make this routine for you immediately so your skin is always white, smooth, youthful and confident with time.