Complete range of optical products

We have a complete range of optical products for active outdoor and sporting preference that are engineered with advanced technology to provide optimal performance and accuracy. BSA high quality air rifle scopes, rifle scopes, hunting optics, and crossbows for hunting that are designed for a wide variety uses; low light shooting, long range hunting, day and night shooting, pest control hunting, varmint hunting, small game and bird shooting, big game hunting, sport competition shooting, recreational plunking, military and tactical use. There is a wide choice of binoculars and spotting scopes for hunting, recreation, sporting and wildlife watching, as well as substantial selection of scope mounts/ bases and optics accessories, now is the best time for the hunter and target shooter.

Wildcat bowA group of fine gunsmiths from Birmingham England on June 7th, 1861 took the decision to form a public company called, The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited, which has since become world-known as BSA for service rifles, machine guns, motorcycles, and the world’s first folding bicycles. In 1996 BSA Optics, Inc was formed in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and has gained the same kind of BSA reputation for having high quality optics at affordable prices.

Today, BSA rifle scopes and hunting optics are economical designed with advanced optics technology with close minimal tolerances that make them very accurate shot after shot. Our high quality lens and optical coating provides brightness clarity and rugged material construction allows for shooting dependability in all weather conditions while hunting with air rifles, air guns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, crossbows, centerfire rifles, rimfire guns or while shooting pistols, tactical and military weapons.

We would like to go along with you next time that you go shooting or hunting. Take a good look at us; you’ll like what you see.

Rifle Scopes
If you want to shoot your next prize trophy, BSA hunting optics offers bright, clear optical hunting scope that is dependable in all weather conditions. We built tough scopes for high powered air guns, shotguns, black powder, and muzzleloader enthusiast. Provide rugged and uncompromising reliable optics for centerfire, rimfire rifles, small game, varmint hunting, target, bow, and crossbow. We designed low profile, Mil-Dot, precision etched glass scopes for superior strength reticle stability for long range hunting and day or night shooting.

Pistol Scopes
The extended eye relief of the BSA pistol scopes allows a pistol shooter to have a full, crisp picture quickly and easily. Built to take the punishment from large-caliber handguns.

Night Sights
For hunters, shooters, and tactical operations BSA night sights of multi-dot sights, red dot, green dot, and laser sights enable quick aiming and shooting for varmint hunting, pest control shooting, tactical and military operations, and fits popular handguns for improved accuracy, intimidation effect, indicate the point of impact, and maximizing long range shooting. Now you can use the ultimate night hunting scope that illuminates your target under low or zero light with laser sight and bright flashlight combination.

Spotting Scopes
The thrill of photographing wildlife, viewing breathless scenic sights, distant bird watching, astronomy stargazing, or hunters viewing their price target. Who understand the harsh hunting conditions scopes have to endure and still demand great color clarity to every scene with comfortable full field views that are simply amazing.

As hunters, BSA Optics provides waterproof as well as rugged construction binoculars to take potential abuse in the field along with high power to allow hunter to see their targets clearly. The multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 prisms provide bright, high resolution images under all condition for hunting, bird watching and general use at sporting events, nature viewing or anywhere your travel or hiking trip leads you.

Scope Base and mounts
BSA Optics engineers and manufactures premium quality wildcat crossbow mounting systems that are as rugged and reliable as the hunting optics and rifle scopes that people have grown to know and trust for quality performance. No matter which mount you choose, one piece mount or scope rings you can count on it to hold your scope for rock-solid, tack-driving accuracy.

Sighting In
BSA Boresighter Arbor save hunters and shooters time and ammunition when sighting in a rifle or shotgun. No worries about trying to get that first shot on paper when trying a new rifle/scope combination.