Liquor Laws

While there are some countries around the globe that are still enforcing the outright ban of alcohol, the remaining countries have many laws in place to protect the public, business owners and alcohol manufacturers. Some laws we hear of on a regular basis include legal drinking age, legal alcohol limit for drivers, public drinking laws and so forth. Some however are not talked of all that often.

Weird but true laws around the world include:

  • In the state of Oklahoma in the United States, any beer with 4% alcohol or more can only be sold at room temperature;
  • Meanwhile in Sweden, unless you’re in a pub or bar, you can only purchase alcohol with over 3.5% from government-run liquor stores.
  • In order to protect the animals, the state of Alaska was forced to institute a law banning the serving of alcohol to a moose;
  • Across the pond, in Scotland, it is illegal to “propel” a cow while intoxicated

Now, while these and other weird laws might seem a bit outlandish and outdated, no doubt they were put in place for a reason. Much like these, there are laws in place for liquor dispensers.

These laws are not to make life harder for the alcohol industry but to protect everyone involved. Alcohol, whether we choose to believe it or not, does have an effect on our minds and bodies. Bars, nightclubs and hotel managers want good, safe fun for their patrons and do so by following the laws in place.

Provargo is helping businesses in this industry with their wireless liquor dispenser,

Some states in the United States have similar minimum requirements for liquor dispensing laws including but not limited to maximum calibrated quantities; meters for counting pours; maximum levels of exceeding errors.

Provargo has all of these and more counted in their wireless liquor dispenser, or the V4 Digipour portioning spout –

The V4 Digipour

The V4 Digipour portioning wireless liquor dispenser can be set to a maximum limit of each pour ranging from 20ml to 30ml, at the touch of a button – i.e. maximum calibrated quantities.

The V4 Digipour not only collects information on the number of pours from its bottle but it sends that data to a cloud-based databased for record keeping and reporting.

With the V4 Digipour spout, errors can be eliminated. The spout collects the level of liquor poured even during bottle changes. No drop goes unaccounted for.

The Downside

In summary, there is no downside, for law abiders. For folks living a little outside the law, they might need to reevaluate that lifestyle choice as Provargo makes handling the alcohol content at a catered event, in a bar, or hotel too easy to pass up. Experience has shown Provargo that their client’s sales and profit margins have dramatically increased.

Let Provargo handle the intracies of dispenser laws for you, so you can focus on dB level laws for that super new surround system.