Mini home winery: How to properly store and dispose a wine at home

For wine, the rule is: Keep the best, enjoy in the rest. If you are a lover of good wine, then a wine storing is not unknown for you, and to connect the two beautiful things, we suggest you that your precious wines do attractive decoration of the space.

Few wine lovers who have their own cellar for storing wine, which doesn’t mean they cannot have a collection to show, and we will give you a few suggestions to try to give you an idea for a mini home wine cellar that would fit your space, but also advice on how to properly keep and dispose your wine in the house.

How to properly store wine

For starters, here are some basic rules for storing wine. The question is often how the wine is kept, laid or upright.

You will not make a mistake and follow the long-known wisdom that bottles should be kept in a horizontal position so that the corks cannot dry out and start to pass air. Champagne is good in the upright position due to pressure in the bottle. Don’t put vinyl with a synthetic plug into the lying position.

In the last few years, it is worth the trend to make wine racks in which the bottles are placed at an angle so that the cork is simultaneously exposed to both air and wine because top quality wines require a position to allow the drip of a cork.

Racks and chests for wine

If you have space in your home, it is best to set the wine racks that are easily adapted to the area. Most often made of wood, and can be of different styles, from traditional to modern minimalist. Nice touches that most of the racks have are supplements that can hang wine glasses.

Modular wine racks

Modular wine racks are suitable for wine collectors whose number of wine bottles increases. These modular racks can be made of wood or metal and they fit in both traditional and modern interior.

Wall wine racks

Bottle wall mounts are practical for smaller rooms because placing on a free wall will not bother anyone. Here is also the greatest creativity when it comes to making racks.

They look phenomenally in the space whether they are smaller, larger, of wood, inox, wire, glass, rectangles or asymmetric…

Table holders for wine

This is the choice for those who want to enrich the dining room. The good thing is that the stone wine holders can be easily moved, used when needed and simply removed when not needed.

Their flaw is that we can put on them one or two bottles.

The wine racks on the ceiling

When you don’t know what you’re going to do with space, and it’s required to place wine bottles somewhere, connect nice and useful and hang the wine rack on the ceiling.

Thus, you can place wherever you fit in the space above the worktop in the kitchen or above the sideboard in the dining room. The most practical are those of the wire material, can have a part in keeping the wine glasses.