Top Interior Design Schools New York City Reviews

When looking for interior design schools New York has one of the best selection pools in the world. Choosing which one is the best heavily depends on your requirements, as interior design education is multifaceted, involving varied areas of artistry, natural talent and an “eye” for art and learned skills.

You can choose to take a full course in Fine Arts majoring in interior design or opt for an Associate degree. You can also enroll in short courses or workshops and earn a certificate in the process.

Many interior design programs are offered throughout New York, but not all of them are top-notch. Even so, New York City has some of the best interior design school in the United States. The following are some of the top New York interior design schools.

Pratt Institute, NY School of Interior Design With History

Of the interior design schools New York has to offer, the Pratt Institute is arguably one the most known. Founded in 1887, Pratt Institute is one of the best schools for design, art and architecture not only in the United States but, in the world. Pratt offers undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, art, design, library and information science and writing. The undergraduate schools are: School of Architecture; School of Art & Design and School of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Its graduate school includes: School of Art & Design; School of Architecture and School of Information and Library Science.

The school offers 22 undergraduate degree programs and 25 graduate degree programs. The Institute also offers 7 double-degree programs and certificate programs in Art and Design Education, Library and Information Studies, Museum Libraries, Library and Media Specialist and Archives Program.

Pratt Institute’s certificate program is part of its commitment to the Center of Continuing and Professional Studies. Pratt recognizes that education is a lifelong effort and that there is a need for further studies to keep up with the latest in terms of design and technology.

As with many New York interior design schools, Pratt’s faculty consists of professional and famous (some) artists, architects, designers, historians and critics. Some faculty members are even awardees of such prestigious awards such as Fulbright and Guggenheim fellowships. The main campus is located in 200 Willoughby Avenue ,Brooklyn, NY 11205. Tuition fees including board and lodging cost $52,000 a year. A high school diploma is required for incoming freshmen.

Parsons, a Famous New York School of Interior Design

Parsons the New School is one of the best New York interior design schools. Founded in 1896 by William Merrit Chase, the school was initially named New York School of Fine and Applied Art but was changed to Parsons in honor of the genius of Frank Alvah Parsons. Of the interior design schools New York showcases, Parsons was the first to introduce academic programs in Costume Design (Fashion Design), Interior Decoration (Interior Design) and Commercial Illustration (Advertising and Graphic Design) in 1904. In 1970, Parsons merged with The New School thus forming its new name of Parsons the New School of Design.

Parsons is mainly composed of the schools of Art and Design, History and Theory, Fashion, Design Strategies, Constructed Environments, Art, Media and Technology, and the Pre-college and continuing studies program.

The first five schools have a lot to offer in terms of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs. Here are some of the programs/courses offered by the Parsons: Interior Design, Lighting Design, Urban Lighting, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Fashion, Toy Design, Sustainable Designs and more. As with many other interior design schools New York features, the school offers programs that also include internships, competitions and opportunities to showcase their work for future referrals.

Parsons students develop their critical thinking skills and practice them to design, environmental, space and accessibility problems presented to them. The programs and courses are all interconnected so that students are not limited to studying only one discipline. Other than the New York campus, Parsons also has a Paris campus where extensive summer school and trainings are done. The faculty is made up of full-time and part-time teachers selected from New York’s design and art communities.

Parsons is located in 25 East and 13th Street, Greenwich, NY. Tuition fees for one year inclusive of board and lodging is around $57,000.

While choosing a school is not easy, Pratt and Parsons are great choices for many people. A well-researched look into each school will tell you if the school’s culture and academia matches what you’re looking for. These two New York interior design schools are really worth a look.